Welcome to Puhkav ! Exclusive and unique Baby Bedding by Puhkav Kirkovo Kardzhali Bulgaria. See the Quilts and Bumper designs for your baby cot



While we have some ready made quilts and bumpers
you can have a set made to your desires


материалът е памук – ограждения 121x25/134x25см


ограждения 134 x 29 – завивка 34x40см/60 x 80см/82 x 100см


ograzhdeniya zavivka spalni komplekti ot Kirkovo Kardzhali Bulgaria


obikolnik za koshara zavivki olekoteni zavivki


Car seat covers Quilts Bumpers Floor Mats Changing Pads



Unique Baby Bedding Sets & Baby Seat Pads

Bubble Quilt with Sausage Bumpers

CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO ENLARGE AND SCROLL THROUGH Ok, so I went a little bit overboard with this baby cot set! Sausage dog bumpers and raised bubble quilt, all in matching lovely baby fabrics Then yet another bumper shaped and rounded off at the top end for...

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Luxurious Baby Crib

CLICK on the PHOTOS ABOVE to enlarge and scroll throo them The project was, to take an antique family crib and, give it a new makeover for the latest family member, who was due in a couple of months. I made the bumper with the name of the baby embroidered...

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Comfy Seat Pads

Click Photo to Enlarge Car seat pads Highchair pads Bouncer chair pads In fact, these large or small child seat pads can be used in almost any seat! No need to undo the safety straps to fit these pads, just fit and remove when dirty, shove in the washing...

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Car Seat Covers

Child Car Seat & Baby Carrier Covers Coming up with some new ideas for child car seat covers and baby carrier protection pads, from economical to luxury prices. Luxury Range car seat covers In the luxury range are child car seat and baby carrier protection pads that...

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Mini Bumpers

Assortment of mini bumper bears coming to Puhkav ограждения ograzhdeniya bumpers for baby...

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Floor Mats

Large floor mats for boys and girls soft and comfy approximate size 80cm x 80 cm

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