Welcome to Puhkav ! Exclusive and unique Baby Bedding by Puhkav Kirkovo Kardzhali Bulgaria. See the Quilts and Bumper designs for your baby cot



While we have some ready made quilts and bumpers
you can have a set made to your desires


материалът е памук – ограждения 121x25/134x25см


ограждения 134 x 29 – завивка 34x40см/60 x 80см/82 x 100см


ograzhdeniya zavivka spalni komplekti ot Kirkovo Kardzhali Bulgaria


obikolnik za koshara zavivki olekoteni zavivki


Car seat covers Quilts Bumpers Floor Mats Changing Pads



Unique Baby Bedding Sets & Baby Seat Pads

Pirate Boat

Pirate Boat sets - small Crib and Cot sizes Average cot size Quilt/blanket size - 56x85cms Crib sized Pirate Quilt/blanket - 44x66cms   obikolnik za koshara | zavivki | olekoteni zavivki |...

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Pink Elephant Quilt

Elephant blowing bubbles in Pink Puh Pink Elephant blowing bubbles Quilt size 96 cm x 75 This quilt and all the quilts, can be made to measure to the size of your baby crib, cot or cot bed Coming soon in other colours, blue, lilac, champagne and others, come back to...

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Quilts 63 cm x 89 cm

These quilts are on average 63x89 cms They can be made larger for large cot beds, or even smaller for cribs and prams etc No 2 designs will be identical, they can be created to a similar design, also can use a mixture of colour coordinations Quilts can also be made...

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Спален комплект

  Beautiful pink baby bedding set for large cot bed and small rocking crib, all the sizes were made to fit the size of the cots, with a valance to hide the underneath of the big cot bed Huge Dog Tired Quilt made specially for a large cot bed Puh style bear quilt, made...

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Pink Bumper Sets

Pink bumper sets Size each bumper 134 x 29 or 121 x 25 Quilt Sizes Huge Quilts - 82 x 100 Normal Quilt - 60 x 80 All sizes in cm's - all measurements approximate Please Note : Some cot beds only have railings on one side, for cot beds, a shorter bumper can be made to...

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Hello Babies!

Unique individually designed baby bedding made in Bulgaria Quilts, cot bumpers and more for your babies nursery

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